Well, I caved.

I’ve been told numerous time that I should get me one of them thar blog things.  It’s a compliment to hear that and I’m not sure if enjoying those occasional compliments has partially prevented me from getting a real, honest-to-gosh blog.  Now that I’ve got one, the suggestion will no longer be made (or at least the frequency will decline) (which is not to suggest the frequency was really that high) and my vanity will have to find other ways to appease itself.  Luckily, it is very resourceful in that regard.

Moreover, this endeavor will open me up to my vanity’s nemesis: criticism.

It’s one thing to have people suggest you’d write brilliant things and quite another to actually write things which people will find decidedly un-brilliant.  The suggestion that you’re good at something is a far safer bet than having to actually prove it.  And this is choice with which I’ve lived for as long as I can remember.  Spoiler alert: I usually took the coward’s route.  Having ‘great potential’ is a lovely thing and enjoyably effortless.  Trying to do something with that potential?  Now, that’s scary.  What if they were wrong about that potential?  What if it’s not as great as you’d come to believe?  What if … you fail?

I suppose the question I should have been asking all along was, “What if I succeed?”

Well, too late to worry about all the years I’ve wasted in cowardice.  Just have to do the best with what little time is left.  This blog isn’t quite the proving ground of which I speak but it is a start. And this time, I needn’t worry about finishing because you can never finish improving your craft.  You can never finish trying to improve yourself.

The only acceptable excuse is death.


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I was born. I'll be around for a while. Then I won't.


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