Int’l Women’s Day Sucks

Who needs this?

Today is International Women’s Day.

And that’s just silly.

A hundred years ago, someone saw fit to mark the calendar with “International Women’s Day” and, back then, it was appropriate.  Days which are anointed as belonging to one group or the other are usually done so to highlight a part of society which is, in some way, under-appreciated.  In 1911, it was perfectly reasonable to give one day to women.

Back then, they couldn’t vote.  They had little say in the marketplace — effectively none if it wasn’t homemaker-related.  In far-flung parts of the world they were treated worse than livestock, or were used as currency.  In darker places of the world they were willfully abused.  During times of war, they were either left behind to shoulder the burdens of family, community, or even industry or, worse, they were subjected to the war crimes of marauding soldiers.

But, a hundred years later, none of that stuff happens anymore.  According to the television, women hold equal places of power, have as much say in the infrastructure of our society as do men, they are no longer abused nor marginalized in parts of the world.  They’re not objectified nor reduced to punchlines.  There is no systemic rape and they certainly aren’t treated as second-class citizens, livestock, or currency.  I mean, they even have their own categories for Academy Awards and there weren’t even any cheerleaders at the last Superbowl.  What more is there left to accomplish in the name of equality?

We live in a time where women who haven’t achieved their goals, hopes, or dreams, have only themselves to blame for laziness, incompetence, or self-sabotage because the doors of opportunity are equally as wide open for them as they are for men.  Women are treated as equals in every way, shape, or form worldwide.  We don’t turn a blind eye to gender discrimination or sexual abuse in the workplace.  We, the men, don’t mock them behind their backs for being inferior at tasks.

There really is no need for International Women’s Day anymore.  We should clear that calendar spot for groups which really need a break in today’s harsh world — like financial CEOs, brain-addled celebrities, and misogynists.

Where’s the love for them?


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