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Trainspotting: A Case Study in Cool

Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with movies.  I love the stories, the cinematography, the actors, the behind-the-scenes, the special effects, the legends, the mysteries, the awards, and all that schtuff.  I also love the marketing.  I love the marketing of movies because I believe it is both an artistic and business enterprise, and that struggle is as dramatic to me as an Oscar-winning performance.

So much money is poured into filmmaking that is it preposterous to think there aren’t people wringing their hands about the bottom line.  And yet, filmmaking is such an intrinsically artistic and collaborative activity that it is just as impossible to think there aren’t people banging their drums (or heads against walls) about the art itself.  The same is often true of the music industry but I am not musically gifted in any fashion.  I am, however, a visual creature.

And I work in the design field.  Sometimes I think I merely amble about and wander through the design field, like a drunken ne’er-do-well casting aspersions and accusations, and touting my unverifiable expertise, but sometimes people pay me for my work and opinions.  Of course, this blog is not one of those cases.  Here I spout for free.

I learned very early in my design career that I am not a swallower of inelegant opinion, nor am I very good at simply taking orders.  And, as anyone who has spent a decent amount of time plying this trade can tell you, there is a high incidence of clients who want things done their way despite having the artistic capacity of a calculator.  Thus, you are often stuck between doing what the client wants and doing what you think the client needs.

The following article on Creative Review wonderfully chronicles a case where the artistry of design is pitted against the various forces funding it.

The end result was a stunning collection of movie posters which helped influence the ongoing development of the movie poster art form.  And yes, I will argue until I am blue in the face or you are bloody in the nose that movie posters are, indeed, a perfectly acceptable art form.

So, here it is, Trainspotting’s Film Poster Campaign, 15 Years On or, as I call it, A Case Study in Cool.


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