How To Get A Vanity URL For Your Facebook Page

How do you change your Facebook page’s address to a vanity URL?

It’s a question which has frustrated many, including me.  While the answer can be found within Facebook’s knowledge base (sort of), it can be annoying to find.  Surprisingly, it’s a very simple answer.

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Go to to begin.

You will see a pulldown menu for your personal page which you’ve probably already set.  If you haven’t, then you may want to do it now.  There may be more than one Balthazar Joyce Tecumseh out there.  You never know.

For your other pages, the business or fan pages, there is a separate pulldown menu.  Choose the one you want to set and select a username for it.  Example: if you select “wallacetamarindmusic” your fan page will then be found at “” instead of the long address with that hinky serial number.

There are limitations:

  • Obviously, you can’t duplicate an existing URL.
  • You must obey their syntax rules.
  • You cannot (currently) use most generic words.  Certain ones can be used, like “music” or “movies”.
  • You must have at least 25 fans in order to set a username.

Otherwise, it’s a simple process.  It’s just a little complicated to find it.

For more information, visit Facebook’s Username Help page.


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