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Should I Work For Free?

Quite often, freelancers designers (and freelancers of any kind) are posed with a dilemma.  A ‘client’ comes to you with a project but, for whatever reason, they say there won’t be any compensation (are they really a client if you’re not getting paid?) but they’ve promised you all sorts of other benefits or (even stickier) you have some personal relationship with them.

Now you’ve got a decision to make.

Designer Jessica Hische put together a handy-dandy guide for that sticky situation and the best part is: it’s guilt-free. It’s out of your hands.  So, now, when you turn people down and they get all pouty-faced and puppy-eyed you can simply point to the graphic and explain, “Sorry but the chart says I can’t help you.”

So, just head to and you’ll always know what to do.

Holy flying crap-monkeys!  This whole infographic is CSS and HTML, and can be translated by Google Translate (which is nested on the page).  Jessica Hische, you are a showoff.  I hate you — with great respect — but I hate you.  Okay, I don’t hate you.  Well … a little bit.

For sure, I hate you a lot less than THIS.


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