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Where Is My Mind?

I am known for being puritanical about a great many things.

The first Prisoner of Zenda was the best.  A Porsche with automatic transmission is like big dog in a small apartment.  Bob Marley covers are for those without a soul.  A woman should be treated with slightly more respect than a man no matter what the chauvinists and militant feminists say, unless she proves unworthy of the same.  Han shot first, the book of Dune is about fourteen-point-five trillion times better than the movie, and Casablanca should never, ever be remade for any reason.  Under pain of death.

Also, nine times out of ten, Autotune is as palatable as a bucket of lime juice poured into an open wound.

Technology and modern pop culture commerce has driven the soul from music, and corralled her onto a precipice where she gently weeps and stares at the wave-crashed rocks below.  Between Hollywood’s fetish for abstaining from originality and the state of the impoverished music scene, I wonder if I’ll ever like anything new on the radio, ever again.  Or will I just sit on my porch with a cane and chase those dang kids away.

And certain songs like the Where Is My Mind? by The Pixies, can never be duplicated without the cover and the artist being met by instant scorn.  It’s one of my desert island picks.  It’s on the list with Jimi, Janis, Radiohead’s Creep, Jesus Walks (yes, I like a Kanye tune, piss off!), Momma Said Knock You Out by if-you-don’t-know-stop-reading-now, and U2’s Bad, among others.  In fact, The Pixies tune, which most of the ignorant masses sitting on their ignorant asses assume only appears on the Fight Club soundtrack, is the lead-off selection on my YouTube channel.  It has been for some time and I doubt that will change.

It’s just so perfectly suited for some of my many moody, moody moods.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I found myself liking this cover by THePETEBOX, engineered with the fanciest of toys, of my beloved Where Is My Mind?.  Hell, I don’t just like it.  I love it.

It just goes to show, that technology can be used as an instrument of your talent instead of a substitute for it.  For my money, this cover ranks up there with Johnny Cash’s take on NIN’s Hurt.  I’m sure it’s gonna stoke all kinds of ire about blasphemy from a whole gaggle of music snobs but frankly, they can kiss my scrawny mongrel ass.

As puritanical as I am, I believe music, like all art, is subjective.

Doesn’t that invalidate everything you said before?  No, not really.  Not in my mind.

UPDATE! MAR-30: The Pixies put the video on their official website.  I’ll bet Pete’s one happie little fish.


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