Do For Others

My place is a mess.

It’s severely in need of a cleaning.  Stuff needs to be  tidied, swept, washed, dusted, scrubbed, mopped, scrubbed, boxed, and tossed.  I thought I’d do it all at the beginning of April but here we are two weeks later and my place is still a mess.

Yet, here I am happily cleaning someone else’s home.  I don’t mean begrudgingly or obligingly, I mean happily.  Hell, I was singing when I did the dishes.  Singing.  Aside from being a weirdo, I have a theory why this is.

It’s easier to do for others what you cannot do for yourself.  Or, as it was put in the old show Babylon 5: Because cleaning up your place helps me to forget what a mess I’ve made of mine. And, when I sweep my floor, all I’ve done is sweep my floor but when I help you clean up your place, I am helping you.

That’s what I am these days.  A helper.  Guess I ain’t all bad.


About Angelo Barovier

I was born. I'll be around for a while. Then I won't.


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