Obama Gets Osama (Bin Laden Dead)

Is it for realsies?

Well, according to the POTUS, it is. By now, you’ve read all the news reports (who are we kidding? you read the headlines and then watched on the teevee or the internets) and know now that the Obama Administration claims to have Osama Bin Laden’s body in custody.

According the Man of the White House, they set the bloodhounds loose with renewed vigour two years ago when GWB handed over the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania, dug up a new lead a few months ago, and — several undisclosed days ago — a small strike team of professionals went into Pakistan and finally got their man.

So, now what?  Do the troops go home and the olive branches get re-sent?  While the stars and stripes gets waived in jubilation, and the lefties and righties on the boob tube praise/mitigate Obama’s victory (and rest assured, there are no hints at sharing credit with the previous administrations judging from the initial speech), will the world shift from the divisive eco-religious sundering towards which it’s been heading?

Who’s to say?

All I know is, regardless of any other associations, the guy who helped shaped the unfortunate events of the last decade isn’t going to be around anymore.  He will doubtlessly be martyred by his most loyal minions and further condemned by his enemies but when it all comes out in the wash, will we have a chance at a less war-driven decade?

I don’t know.  And don’t listen to any expert who says they know.  The world has never been in this position before.  When you take into account all the geopolitical, global village, resource-mongering, corporatist, grassroots-revolutionized, pan-religious, social media’d, intermingled swirling issues which make today’s merry Earth go round, no one can possibly know.

Tomorrow is a brand new day.  What will the world make of it?  You can’t say.  What you can decide is: what you will do with it.

NB: No, there’s nothing official about the image (aside from it being a screen-grab from an old WikiLeaked event). I just dressed it up to look like something snagged from the vaguely defined mission du jour cuz I didn’t wanna have another pic of the dead dude. And cuz I like mucking about in Photoshop


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