Green Lantern Official Trailer 2

Well, here’s the big honkin’ “Come See Our Movie” official trailer for Green Lantern, starring Ryan Reynolds.  It’s very dramatic and shows more of the characters and action.

That may not be a good thing.

Unfortunately, I think the previous trailer was better because that glossy feel of the special effects which I complained about is more pronounced here.  I know it’s a movie about a comic book superhero who a ring which makes things out of green light but, y’know, I still like some realism in my viewing experience.  Not necessarily gritty Dark Knight realism but something that’s not cartoony or equivalent to a cinematic in a video game.

The Great Danger To The Earth looks like chunky goo in a soup commercial.  The alien action is wholly unconvincing.  And frankly I didn’t see one “That looks so frickin’ awesome!” money shot.  Maybe, for once, they’re saving it for the actual movie but I don’t think so.

Perhaps when the movie is taken in as a whole it’ll be just fine.  Right now, though, I’ll need some convincing to drop some coin to see a glowy green mini-gun.


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