Flashpoint Friday: Thicker Than Blood

Tonight’s episode of Flashpoint is “Thicker Than Blood” (new to CBS, rerun for CTV), which is a fine name for a show on Friday the 13th.  It is the second of six episodes airing for the first time on CBS; Fridays at 8:00.

Synopsis: Team One arrives on the scene of a bank robbery where a man has turned to desperate measures after trying to withdraw $40,000 from his account. But the case is not so simple: the Team discovers the bank robber has a few unlikely secrets.

Speaking of secrets, Flashpoint has a secret weapon who doesn’t get the press he deserves:

Vancouver’s David Frazee directs Thicker Than Blood, and he is one of the show’s major creative forces (he also serves as the series Creative Consultant).  He is very much their Director-at-Arms, having directed 16 of the show’s 44 episodes (not including Season 4), many of them considered landmark episodes.  These include the pilot Scorpio, One Wrong Move, Haunting the Barn, Acceptable Risk, and one my favourite episodes, the award-winning First In Line.  David is a Gemini-winning industry veteran and experienced Director of Photography who has helped shaped the look (and thus the feel) of Flashpoint.  That look has been called “some of the most compelling cinematography I have seen on TV” and has shed a new, rather engaging light on the my little town of Toronto.

So, I guess the secret’s out.  And while we’re discussing secrets, the CBS promo contains what I would call spoilers but, y’know, a zillion spoilers are already on the net for this episode (which previously aired in Canada).  Nonetheless, the promo is below.  Your call, boss.

Don’t forget to follow series creator Mark Ellis @Flashpoint_TV on Twitter (link fixed, thanks for those who pointed it out).  Also, Sergio Di Zio, aka Spike, has joined Twitter @elisasboy72.


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One thought on “Flashpoint Friday: Thicker Than Blood

  1. Enjoyed Flashpoint last night. Always great. I hope Flashpoint is around for a long long time. It has such great stories, writers, directors and actors and they all work together to make it work. Best show on TV.

    Posted by Mary Townsend | May 14, 2011, 11:42 am

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