Flashpoint Friday: The Good Citizen

This would have been an illustrated write-up of ‘Severed Ties’ but there was a switcheroo of scheduling yesterday, and tonight’s Flashpoint is ‘The Good Citizen’ instead.  My schedule did not allow me to do my usual thingie.  So, here’s some off-the-cuff schtuff.

Flashpoint character Constable Kevin Wordsworth (Michael Cram), aka Wordy, readies his HK MP5

“Team One, it turns out our Good Samaritan is armed.”

Synopsis: A man fights back against drug dealers who vandalize a bar he patronizes, but the SRU team suspects he may have a hidden agenda.

Tim Southam directs this episode and, truth be told, I know very little about him.  According to his IMDb page, he’s gone on to direct episodes of Bones and House, so he’s getting himself some work, which is good.  From what I remember, this episode was serviceable in its main story, addressing issues of urban development (or more appropriately, urban decay), vigilantism, and addiction.  Its guest stars were just fine and I can’t remember anything about which I could be critical.

By the same token, it didn’t stand out as one of my favourites except for the engaging look into the past and character of SRU Officer, Constable Kevin ‘Wordy’ Wordsworth played by Michael Cram.  In many ways, Wordy’s nickname is (likely intentionally) ironic as he’s a man of few words.  In contrast to the snappy patter of Spike and his late friend Lou, Wordy generally seems to communicate only when prompted or when he feels it’s important to speak up.  There are exceptions, as he’s chimed in with lighter fare from time to time but they are the exception to the rule.

I surmise there’s a show bible, the standard style manual of a television series, which guest writers are given in order to ensure they remain true to the show’s format and character.  Somewhere in there, again I imagine, there are notes about Wordy’s quieter demeanor and I think sometimes it’s been emphasized too much by individual writers.  So, it’s pleasant to hear him expressive and fully engaged in the conversation for a change in this episode.

I recently re-watched ‘Scorpio’ (both in service to my graphics pet project and ‘just because’) and I saw one of the earlier scenes in which Wordy picks up Ed.  In order to escape the withering glare of Sophie Lane, they both break out into a Gilbert & Sullivan showtune.  I realized then that I missed that Wordy.  I know that characters evolve during the course of a series but, still, I don’t think I get to smile at something Wordy did as much as I’d like to.

Anyway, this might all just be my skewed perception as Wordy is the team member with whom I connect least.  I can already hear the gasps of dismay and disapproval from the Wordy crowd.  Hold the tomatoes and eggs, please?  Hear me out.  It’s not that I don’t like the character — I do.  In fact I admire him.  But I don’t connect with him because he is least like me.  He is mindful of his words and I am a motormouth.  He is steadfast and focused while I am willfully and easily distracted.  He’s a blue-collar type and I am arty-farty.  And he is humble where I … well, I have a blog (which indicates a strong degree of self-importance) and show my goods more often than a Bangkok streetwalker.  Wordy also seems like the sort to finish what he’s started.  I don’t enjoy a great track record when it comes to that.  [Ed.: Yeah. Don’t you have two novels which need finishing?] [AB: Stop pestering me!]  So, I admire him but I don’t connect on the same level.  And every team needs a staunch member upon whom it can rely.

Anyway, speaking of finishing, I have a few deadlines blaring at me today so my lunch break is effectively over.  I hope you enjoy ‘The Good Citizen’ (which also features Leah, as it’s from the latter half of Season 2) as we await the return of new Flashpoint episodes on CBS and CTV, Fridays at 8:00.

And for my American friends, Happy Memorial Day weekend!  The summer’s here and the time is right for dancing in the streets.

– – – – –

[Don’t forget to join the show’s producers on their Flashpoint Team One Facebook page  facebook.com/FPTOne where you may get an inside scoop, contest prizes, giveaways, and more. I’ll try to get a Critical Incident Report graphic for this episode up sometime in the coming week. Is that The Ghost Whisperer I see at the end of the promo spot? *chuckle*]


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2 thoughts on “Flashpoint Friday: The Good Citizen

  1. Great take on Wordy, even if you can’t ‘connect’ with him as much as you’d like.

    I suppose it’s a little different for us ladies, because Wordy has all the traits we’d want in a man for a solid relationship. We can look at his character and fall in love with his positive qualities.

    So don’t worry; the eggs and tomatoes won’t see any action over this blog entry. ;-)

    A few things I liked about ‘The Good Citizen’ was the interaction between Sam and Leah, from (current) rookie to (former) rookie, and the confrontation between ‘The Good Citizen’ and the drug dealing brothers.

    Even though I watched this one on DVD not too long ago, I’ll be tuning in again, just because. :-)

    Posted by Karla S. | May 27, 2011, 4:10 pm

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