X-Men: First Class Wallpaper (and other stuff)

I’m really looking forward to Matthew Vaughn’s take (and obvious mythos massage) on the X-Men movie franchise.  I loved both his crime yarn in Layer Cake and his port of Kick-Ass.  From what I’ve seen so far, this may be the best X-Movie that Fox has done.

The reviews are in and even The Hollywood Reporter and Variety Magazine are offering compliments of a dizzying nature (warning: THR’s review is somewhat spoilery).  Of course, anything tops the flattened souffle that was X-3.  I’d go all Chef Ramsey on that extraordinary letdown of a trilogy-finisher but that’s for another time.  One of the things I’m intrigued about is the IMDb credit listing for Mrs. Xavier.  I’m assuming it’s Charles’ mother and that’s something I’d like to see.  I mean, who raised our eventually cue-ball professor, anyway?

Nonetheless, I threw together some graphics because, well, that’s what I do when I get inspired.  It’s just a single series based on one concept: FBI files on our favourite nascent mutie team.  You can see them all on the X-Men: First Class page.  Afterward, check out the trailer below.

I have a small worry about January Jones as Emma Frost but, as one reviewer said, she wears the heck out of her outfits.

See you on Friday!


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