Flashpoint Friday: Unconditional Love

“Unconditional Love” is an encore episode Flashpoint and the second last Friday epi before we get to the much anticipated “Personal Effects”. 

– – – – –

Speaking of personal effects, due to the effect of demands on my personal life, there will be no ‘enriched preview’ of tonight’s episode.  It’s a re-run in both markets, anyway,  Instead, I’ll just quickly run over schtuff in bullet points.

Synopsis: When a career criminal barricades himself in a motel room with two hostages, SRU is not the first on the scene to take action.  When they get there, things have already begun to unravel.  It is, however, a stroke of luck as it reveals something a little more sinister going on.

Spoilsport Spots

See what I wrote there?  It actually gives away no spoilers.  It foreshadows a plot twist with the barest hint without actually revealing what it is.  Now, most of us have already seen the episode and know what those twists are but apparently the people in charge of doing the television spots for both CBS and CTV aren’t so kind.

So, note to the promo spot producers: Enough already!  The major twist in the plot doesn’t occur until about a third of the way in.  I can think of enough ways to cut that promo for #3.01 without revealing the twist.  Why can’t you?  Actually, I’m pretty sure you can.  The CTV spot starts in the right direction with “Officer down!” but then abandons that plot line in favour of spoiler material.

We, the die-hards, are gonna watch anyway so you’re only really hooking the folks who are casual or first-time viewers.  You can do it without spoilers, dudes and dudettes.  “Just sayin’.” If you’re uncertain of this, then call me.  We’ll talk.

The A-Team

  • Written by our showrunners Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern
  • Directed by our creative maestro David Frazee

It is, given the talent, one of the better episodes in the series.  And it sets up a narrative we’ll see in a later episode regarding some of Ed’s family ties (“The Other Lane” and the marriage).  Of course, it was the first episode of the season and played directly into the season’s underlying narratives and the explosive finale.  Essentially, upon viewing after everything else has aired, we see proof of intent from Mark and Stephanie.

“It’s all part of the plan.”

It’s Called Acting, My Dear Boy

The supporting players are just fine in this (although I wanted a bit more out of the mother).  The reckless crook, the trouble boy, the zealous vice cop, the sister without understanding, and the other red-head.  Special kudos to the baby‘s mom.  She has so few lines and scenes but she sells that maternal anguish with considerable aplomb.

[A.B.: Oops, forgot the planned paragraph on Devon Bostick, this episode’s lead guest star.]  Great young talent who has also starred in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies, Being Erica (pretty much a sister production to Flashpoint), and Assassin’s Creed: Lineage which was a special promotional web series for another highly successful Canadian export.  He’s also guested on The Listener and Rookie Blue.  This young man is in demand up here and, I imagine, will be similarly so south of the border.

Also, it was fun to see Jules heft that canister launcher.  Maybe it’s just my fetish for ‘tough chicks’ but those scenes make me smile.  And, I suspect, she had some fun with it, too.  Although she did come to Flashpoint with a healthy dislike of firearms, I think she may be over it by now.

Last thing, as I’m outta time: Love that there’s an undercurrent of a tumultuous childhood between Ed and his brother.

Hey, one question: Is it July 8, yet?  No?  How about now?

“Eddie, I need you on the job!”

– – – – –

Flashpoint airs on CBS and CTV, Fridays at 8:00 PM.  The new season starts on July 8th.  Join the producers on facebook.com/FPTOne who will probably have things in store as July 8th approaches (they can also be found on Twitter: @FlashpointTeam1).

PS: There’s a bunch of new wallpaper up in the Characters Page.  Hope you like ’em!


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