Apollo 18 (2011) Trailer #2

The new trailer for Apollo 18.  Or, as it’s being called: Blair Witch on the Moon.  Okay, I’m calling it that but I’m pretty sure you’re all thinking it.

Well, now that the found footage trope hasn’t been touched in a whole few months, we’re getting a ‘new’ take.  This time it’sssss iiiinnnn spppaaaaaaaa-ay-ccccccce…

Hey, look. I know these movie get conceived years in advance but a found footage thriller set in the 70’s about a secret side of the moon landings (there were only 17 recorded Apollo missions), wherein a small group of people are attacked by an unknown force and eventually (?) turn on each other sounds more like a YouTube mash-up than a feature film.

Hey, at least it’s already pre-numberalized for sequel titling.

Apollo 18 is slated for a September release to maximize on the back-to-high-school word-of-mouth, undoubtedly with a viral social media campaign.  When it hits Netflix in October, I’ll be sure to check it out.


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