Flashpoint Flashback: Follow The Leader

“Follow The Leader” is an encore episode of Flashpoint and this is the very last Friday before we get finally get a gander at “Personal Effects”, the opener for Season 4 (which I’m henceforth dubbing The Paradigm Season).

– – – – –

Anyhoo, it’s the long weekend so this one’s even shorter than the last encore preview.  Encore preview?  Obviously the writer-brain is firmly in the snooze position.

Synopsis: Two brothers become involved in a white supremacy group, but when the group plans a terrorist attack, one of the brothers has second thoughts.

Ties That Bind

It seems to me that CBS, for all it’s hemming and hawing about broadcasting as well as their penchant for whimsical renaming of Flashpoint episodes and seasons, do give our intrepid showrunners (Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern) a fair amount of latitude in choosing re-run episodes to air.  Either that or our two head writers have so tightly threaded their themes and story arcs that we can enjoy the progression even when episodes are several places apart.  Perhaps it’s CTV, too, but I’m just gonna hedge my bets and say that CBS is the heavy in this cross-border relationship.

Either way, “Follow The Leader” is a fine episode to show before “Personal Effects” (I’m basing this speculation purely on the promo spot for #4.01 — I have no inside info on this!).  In this episode, (SPOILER AHEAD) our two team leaders have an interesting interaction.  Sgt. Greg Parker (Enrico Colantoni) gets shot during a storm-the-breach assault and Constable Ed Lane (Hugh Dillon) quickly moves into action to save our chief negotiator and team general.

Watching this episode (directed by David Frazee) helps to ingrain the measure of what Greg and Ed have been through as colleagues and as friends.  So, now that it is Ed who is in peril, we can be better primed to empathize with the urgency and (likely) temerity with which Greg approaches the situation.

A line I think may be reflected between the two episodes: “I hear you but I’m not listening.”

Seven Miles for Brother Ed

That’s alls I got today, fellow Flashpointeers (sorry, I’m being influenced by another post I recently wrote).  If you’ve found this article through any other means, I urge you visit the Facebook page run by the show’s producers at facebook.com/FPTOne.  Be sure to Like it so you can enjoy the same insider info and interaction which we enjoy and, if you are so inclined, join in the conversation.  The countdown to July 8th has begun.

Seven rounds discharged.  Seven days to go.

Happy Canada Day Weekend, Happy Independence Day Weekend, and Happy Pride Week!  Can we cram any more celebrations into the beginning of July?

– – – – –

Flashpoint airs on CBS and CTV, Fridays at 8:00 PM.  The new season starts on July 8th — that’s 7 days from now.  Join the producers on facebook.com/FPTOne who (it has been confirmed) have things in store as July 8th approaches (they can also be found on Twitter: @FlashpointTeam1) and Mark Ellis can be found @Flashpoint_TV.

PS: There are even more new wallpapers up in the Characters Page. and the Season 1 Page.


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