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Flashpoint Friday Surprise: Personal Effects

Are you excited for personal Effects, yet?  Well, maybe this will be of some small help.  The bad news: No write-up today.  The good news: I have fulfilled two long-standing requests but I did it in a way y’all didn’t expect.

Request #1: Make more JAM (Jules & Sam) pictures.
Request #2: Make something big enough to print.

Okies.  Here you go!  This is just the thumbnail.  To view and get the bigger versions, CLICK HERE.

– – – – –

NB: I am using corporate logos without permission.  No infringement is intended.  It’s just me funnin’ around and is for strictly non-commercial use.  So please don’t sue me.  I can’t afford it.

Flashpoint airs on CBS and CTV, Fridays at 8:00 PM.  The new season (its fourth) starts on July 8th — that’s TONIGHT.  Join the producers on facebook.com/FPTOne for some ‘enhanced viewing’ options (they can also be found on Twitter: @FlashpointTeam1).


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3 thoughts on “Flashpoint Friday Surprise: Personal Effects

  1. We (I) need one of Ed/Hugh Please

    Posted by Mary Townsend | July 8, 2011, 4:48 pm
  2. I really love Flashpoint. Good acting…one of my favorite. However, although amy Joe seems to have passed her “grades” and be a full part of the team, we still feel like she is treated like “a girl”.Just about everyone is a good actor, some get too few tv time. Lots of good people there to get good shows…..if the writting is up to par.

    Anyway, pround to be a Canadian.

    Posted by litigate | July 13, 2011, 1:39 am

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