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Music Monday: Lindi Ortega (on The Verge)

Lindi “Bootsy” Ortega performs Little Lie on The Verge (XM Radio).  She is still in Europe with Mr. Flowers and, even though I’ve ‘covered’ her before, this week belongs to me so here’s a little more of her red boots.

There ain’t nuthin’ wrong with the studio version and its awesome accompaniment (which you can listen to here) but I love this version, too, because it’s live and her voice has all the room to stretch its wonderful wings.

Look, the whole Little Red Boots album — which was deliberately recorded in a very old school way — is absolutely om-nom-nom-yummy but there’s just something about going to a Lindi Ortega concert which has yet to be captured in a studio recording.  Like all great musicians, Lindi creates a resonance between her and the live audience, and she amplifies their energy with instinctive flourishes in her performance.

Least ways, that’s just how I see (and hear) it.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good piece of fabricated musicality like “Axle F.” (Beverly Hills Cop) by Harold Faltermeyer.  After all, the computer is an instrument, too.  However, there is something so supple about old-fashioned musical chops live and in your face which cannot be topped.  Anyhow, on with the show!  Well, sorta.

Here is Little Lie:

– – – – –

Lindi Ortega released her album, Little Red Boots, this summer under Last Gang Entertainment.  It’s available at all major online outlets and retailers in North America.  Tour dates to be announced. 


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