Batman: The Dark Knight Rises – Triptych Poster

Despite the preposterous notion of ‘a man dressed as a bat’, for decades Batman has inspired some truly moody and sometimes beautiful art.  Christopher Nolan’s trilogy of films is perhaps the best of these.

– – – – –

Check out this triptych poster which encapsulates Nolan’s three films.  Simple concept.  Brilliant execution.  I do like the official teaser poster for The Dark Knight Rises but I like this one even more.  Mmmm, yummy.

(click to enlarge)

And in case you’ve been living in a cave under your mansion for the past week, here’s the teaser trailer.  To be honest, I think the teaser is rather paltry but, if it’s just a reminder for everyone who already wants to go see this movie, then it’s done its duty.

The Dark Knight Rises will be released July 2012 and — Holy long waits, Batman! — I’m already psyched.  The buzz is already crazy (as of this posting, IMDb has aggregated 4657 articles online about a film that’s still a year away), so I sincerely hope this movie doesn’t suffer Phantom Menace Syndrome.


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