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Lindi Ortega Soldiers On (at The Garrison)

Normally when I say Lindi Ortega is hot I mean precisely what you think I mean.  Or, maybe I’m talking about her vocal power.  Or her growing career.  Last night, though, I added a new definition…

With No Apologies to Martha & The Vandellas…

Last time on The Traveling Boots Show, we met Lindi at the Dakota Tavern where she regaled the audience with tracks from her new album, Little Red Boots, which is available all over the place.  Last night, at The Garrison, fresh off the crimson heels of a whirlwind visit to Europe in support of Brandon Flowers (and a few solo gigs of her own), our intrepid hero took to the stage in the midst of a night hotter than an argument between Bill O’Reilly and Whoopi Goldberg.

Lindi Ortega is The Harbinger of Hotness.  Lately, this woman is like a heatwave when she comes to town.  I am NOT complaining.  At least not on my behalf because, quite frankly, I’m cold-blooded and love the heat.  However, this was not a consensus of opinion.  Other folk don’t fare well in weather which is resoundingly tropical — especially minus the beach and margaritas.  The Garrison’s air-conditioning should not be blamed for failing to fully counter the so-called Heat Dome.  You know it’s hot when the bartender is wearing shorts and still looking like a man being marched to the gallows.  Sorry, dude, I know it’s a j-o-b but you looked entirely unhappy to be there, Mr. Grumpy Shorts.

Anyhow, it was a small crowd, as many of the prospective attendees where laid low by the humidity.  No matter to me.  I love me an unobstructed view of the stage.  There was even room to dance.  I didn’t do more than shimmy, shake, and even stomp a little in my spot (because I try to hide my dorkiness when I’m in public or sober) but, were I so inclined, there was certainly room to dance.

…which one young couple attacked and expanded upon when their twirl on the floor turned out to be such a drunken whirlwind that the crowd backed up to allow more room for their two-person wrecking crew.  Aside from distracting from Lindi’s show, the sight was amusing.  And yes, at one point, Mr. Happy Feet and his (probably) willing victim quite literally hit the floor.  It was inevitable, really.

The Transporter

Speaking of Lindi’s show, it was appropriately luscious and sweaty.

She indulged us with a set list cribbed from Little Red Boots, including tracks like Little Lie, Angels, So Sad, I’m No Elvis Presley (have I mentioned how much I lurve this song?), and more, as well as the once-again apropos cover of Springsteen’s On Fire.  If you’d added some lantern strings, a few potted palms, and some umbrella-garnished cocktails during Black Fly, I could have imagined we were at a poolside concert at a desert hotel soaking up whiskey, cool breezes, and crystal-clear starlight.  Good music is pleasurable.  Great music transports you.

Per usual — though it should never be taken for less than the gift that it is — she pulled the audience into her sultry country vibe and the joint was filled with hootin’ and hollerin’ and whistlin’ and catcalls.  I do love the moments where she plays around a little with her tunes.  The sound system wasn’t exactly perfect but it sorta lent a punk rock layer on top which put a delectably crunchy crust on this Pan-American pie.

Whether it was those of us in The Ortega Nation, new local fans, or those who just happened to be there, a good night was had by all.

Well, except for Mr. Grumpy Shorts.

Happy Trails To You

The down side of the night?  This is Lindi’s last gig before she leaves our fair city for a little town called Nashville (as well as other parts thereabouts).  She’ll be gone for far too long, as far as I’m selfishly concerned (durn you craven ‘Merican folk!) but it’s all for a good cause.  Besides, a little birdie told me there will be some cool things to be done while she’s south of the border and if my Yankee friends have taken a shine to Lindi then that ain’t such a bad thing.  Plus I hear tell what says, in September, “Bootsy” might have a big ole audience at a legendary music venue when she returns from the Deep South.  Mind you, those details ain’t mine to announce.

So, stay tuned.

  • The bandies for this show were super cool, too.
  • A healthy shout out to the awesome bouncer who I swear is secretly a writer for DineTO.com.
  • The opening acts (Mandippal and Down By Riverside) were actually quite good. So many damn musicians and their damn talent yet we still end up with vacuous paper dolls on the charts? I need a new planet.
  • Also, that passerby we dubbed Mr. Pink Metal … what an outfit! Rock-punk-rasta with a Rihanna sleeveless tee? Bitchin’. I’m really not normally down with the mockery of personal style (mostly because I haven’t a leg to stand on) but this guy was somethin’ special.
  • Mr. Grumpy Shorts, Mr. Happy Feet, and Mr. Pink Metal?  Sounds like I’m writing a comic book…

– – – – –

For concert information for Lindi Ortega’s Tennessee mini-tour, please mosey on over to lindiortega.ca where you’ll find those details as well as links to facebook.com/lindiortegafans and other watering holes on the Wild, Wild Web.


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One thought on “Lindi Ortega Soldiers On (at The Garrison)

  1. Saying it was hot is an understatement and that has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I made what would normally be an hour walk in 45 minutes in that heat. We broke records in the city for heat and humidity.

    Having said it was a fantastic show. I know some might complain about the acoustics of the venue, but as someone who has been to more punk shows than I can even try and count, to me it is about great music and that is what we got.

    I am very happy I found out about this last minute (I won’t get into details because I think I beat that horse to death last night) and it was totally worth trying to kill myself in the heat to get there. Just glad I had an extra T-shirt, or it might have been a little embarrassing.

    Posted by Adam Bernstein | July 22, 2011, 6:13 pm

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