The Kevin Pollak Chat Show

Turns out that the little brownie from Willow and the agitated Hockney from The Usual Suspects has his own online chat show. Who knew? Well apparently Kevin Smith, Jon Hamm, Eddie Izzerd, Nathan Fillion, Neil Patrick Harris…

…and Leonard Maltin, among others.  Heck, his show was even featured on the front page of The L.A. Times.  And it’s available free, on the “intervision” (watch the show).  I watched a few of the archived episodes and I rather like it, in large part, because it’s a long-format talk show instead of the usual 8 or 10 minutes you get on your average latenight talk show.  I guess that’s why it’s called a “Chat Show” and not a talk show.  Kevin Pollak is an entertaining and engaging interviewer and to do it in the buff is very brave.  Okay, one part of that statement is a lie.

Anyhow, of the ones I watched, I enjoyed the Felicia Day episode the most as it’s self-referential in talking about online media (circa 2009) and where it was headed.  Compare to where we are, now, with our mix of Netflix, Hulu, and Felicia’s own activities including Dollhouse, Dragon Age Online, and the continued success of The Guild.  So, yessum, a good time was had by all.

[Update! I wrote the beginnings of this arty last week and, sorry, but you’ve been bumped, Felicia.   Sunday had an epic conversation with John Landis and if you like movies, comedy, or “old Hollywood” tales, it’s a must see.  Hands down, no BS.  It was like reading a book from someone behind-the-scenes about the legends of the biz.  And the Don Rickles versus Joe Pesci (on the set of Casino) story is priceless.]

It’s a very simple format free of the whirly, shiny, kitschy distractions on pretty much every other show out there.  The show is very refreshing and if any of your favourites are on the list of archived episodes you’d be a fool to miss it.  Seriously, it’s kind of like Inside The Actor’s Studio without the index cards, the live audience, the commercial breaks, and the cloying.  If you go watch the show, you may also discover the secret of The LKG.  And it is a secret which may just help prevent you from becoming the dull guy at the party.

No guarantees.

The Kevin Pollak Chat Show airs Sundays (on the site, of course) at 6PM Eastern / 3PM Pacific.

Oh, and the host, by the way, not too shabby.  For a jerk.

– – – – –

Update #1: I should point out it is technically called Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show, not The Kevin Pollak Chat Show. Also, I am a boob.

Update: #2: Mister Pollak himself (@kevinpollak) responded by saying, “Well, what’d’ya know? I don’t completely suck.”  No, sir, you most certainly don’t.


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3 thoughts on “The Kevin Pollak Chat Show

  1. Thank you Angelo…seems to be a show I may enjoy watching…ever the educator you are!

    Posted by Karma Heckard | August 4, 2011, 9:27 pm
    • They’re really great interviews. The man knows how to converse. Were I to have anything from those whom I admire, this is what it would be. Not an autograph, or a smiley picture, or any of that. I’d just like to sit down, have a pleasant conversation, and have permission to pry inside their minds for a bit.

      Posted by Angelo Barovier | August 5, 2011, 2:55 am
  2. Inquiring minds want to know, right Angelo? From the little I have conversed with you, that is not at all a big surprise. I also like that it is more than a regular “talk show” where you get little more than a tid bit from a “star” who is really on only to promote a new movie, tv show etc. I like in depth coversation, something to actually, shall I say, chew on. Or as you say, pry inside their minds.

    Posted by Karma Heckard | August 5, 2011, 11:39 am

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