The Long Arm of The Law (You Can Run…)

In the Flashpoint episode, Through A Glass Darkly, the villain tries to make his getaway by speeding off in a pick-up truck.  If he should get clear, the kidnapped girl will surely die.  Ed and Wordy can’t let that happen…

It would mark one of the last times the best friends and colleagues would work in such a close tandem, accustomed to each other’s rhythms after decades years of partnering.  Soon, Wordy’s medical condition would be exposed and he would leave the team.  However,during this call, the sniper-spotter duo would have one last hurrah.

The Season 4 Wallpapers page has been updated with all new artwork.

Tonight’s Flashpoint episode, Shockwave, features an explosive turn by Michaelangelo “Spike” Scarlatti (Sergio Di Zio).  Be sure to tune in for the last new episode of the summer, on CBS or CTV at 8PM (or check local listings).  There’s also a Twitter party happening.  Tweet to Sergio himself (@elisasboy72) and use the hashtag #FlashpointSpike.

While you’re there, follow the SRU’s newest Twitterfied team member, the sunny Tattiawna Jones (@TattiawnaJones) who plays dispatch officer Winnie Camden.


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