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Music Monday: Life Ain’t So Shitty

Apologies to the profanity-sensitive but I firmly believe in two things: A general sense of decorum and the appropriate application of profanity.  See: The King’s Speech for an example of these.

All that apologist rhetoric aside, this one goes out to my old “war” buddies, Cowboy and The Wren.  It’s an intentionally-timed gesture because when I think of what it’s like to have a positive outlook on life without having your head in the clouds, they’re two of the people who spring to mind.

And they once told me, in different words, that I could get whatever I wanted out of life.  All I had to do was try.  It took me a decade to figure out they weren’t just blowing sunshine up my posterior.  Maybe it took too long but, you know what?  Life ain’t so shitty.

Or, maybe — just maybe — it took exactly as long as it was supposed to?

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About Angelo Barovier

I was born. I'll be around for a while. Then I won't.


3 thoughts on “Music Monday: Life Ain’t So Shitty

  1. Okay, Angelo, you may think I’m a bit twisted her but I would just like to….search your brain for a little while…see what extra stuff you have in there…

    Posted by Karma Heckard | August 24, 2011, 12:37 am
  2. You have locks on your brain?? Now THAT is interesting!

    Posted by Karma Heckard | August 24, 2011, 9:53 am

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