Flashpoint Friday: Gemini Awards Winners (Round 1)

Congratulations to my Flashpoint peeps for their wins at the Industry Gala of the Gemini Awards.  The Broadcast Gala airs on CBC on September 7th.  I hope to announce more winners then!

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Tonight’s episode (on CTV only, sorry US fans) is “No Promises” (see my write-up here).  Well, maybe there are no promises when it comes to awards but this Wednesday at the Industry Gala Night for the Gemini Awards (Canada’s Emmys) Flashpoint took home some hardware, despite the acceptable risk.  The telecast for the main event is on September 7th (next week Wednesday) and I, for one, hope to see some more hardware headed back to the SRU.

For the record, I called “Jumping at Shadows” as one of my Top 5 for Season 3 when it aired.  Of course, I have no actual record of this and there were no witnesses but … just sayin’.

Of course, “Acceptable Risk” and “Fault Lines” were great episodes all round, so it’s no surprise Mr. Di Zio got both the nod and the award on the back of those performances.  Congratulations on your first Gemini, bub.

Also, then there’s the star-crossed pang of “I’d Do Anything” and Tim Rozon was duly recognized for his guest role in that episode (directed by Helen Shaver, I might add).

Tim Rozon also beat out two other Flashpoint guest stars in the male category (Colin Cunningham for “The Other Lane” and Jonathan Scarfe in “Collateral Damage”).  And there were more nominations who didn’t come home with trophies.

While it’s always an honour to be nominated, I can’t help but shake my fist that Kristen Thomson, who played the 9-1-1 operator in “Jumping At Shadows”, did not end the night with an award.  Kristen (as “Kate”) drove the emotional core of that episode, playing everything from job-weary routine, to sympathetic terror, to brave stoicism in the face of her greatest fear.  All the while the developing undercurrent of her personal loss coloured her performance.  She was my favourite guest star to win so, for that Gemini people, I narrow my eyes at you.

And perhaps grind my teeth a little.  Just sayin’.

Maybe it was Flashpoint fatigue among the voting body — who are these people, anyway? Research needed — but, as HRM The Queen might say, we are not amused.  So, even though she didn’t win, I’m still giving her a graphic.  It’s no Gemini Award but it’s all I got to give.  You had my vote, Kristen!

Finally, in today’s hodgepodge Flashpoint round-up, for the sake of the US fans, don’t forget to gently remind ION Television that we’re eagerly awaiting news of their broadcast plans for the show.  You can visit their site (iontelevision.com) or chirp at them on Twitter (@iontv).  Remember though, folks, be interested but polite.  Flashpoint is a Canadian show so, to tap a stereotype, let’s show some courtesy even while being obsessive, er, engaged.

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2 thoughts on “Flashpoint Friday: Gemini Awards Winners (Round 1)

  1. Happy to see Sergio di Zio winning awards. Greatly deserved. Hope to see him win more next year for Shockwave.
    It was such an incredible episode to watch. I know that it is a team effort, but his performance really stood out.

    Posted by Jane Putnam | September 5, 2011, 8:34 pm
    • Certainly was deserving of the kudos. And, yes, I think a nomination for Shockwave is certainly in order. It might be an uphill thing, though, due to a spread-the-wealth mentality. Ether way, I think he might, y’know, have a future in acting. :)

      Posted by Angelo Barovier | September 6, 2011, 10:51 am

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