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Tuesday’s Child: A 5-Pack Musical Battery

Oh, what a week!  Can’t really remember the last time I had a week like this planned.  So, this week’s music post is just a wading pool of energy for me to charge myself in.

– – – – –

This is for me.  Not for you.  If you’re here to see if I like cool music, let me save you the trouble.  I’m not cool.  And that’s alright with me.  I am, however, rather eclectic of taste.  Oh, and a little arty.

I really couldn’t get much artier than this week.

Yesterday we wrapped principal photography on the indie feature film (and I think I was the one most excited about that), today I meet an exciting new design client (for a theatre project), tomorrow I go to the Gemini Broadcast (Canada’s television awards), and Thursday morning I see some friends.  Throw in the usual, ongoing writing projects and some backlogged design work, and all I’d need would be some music and dancing to pretty much cover the bases.  Well, I got caught dancing (and with a mouth full of cheese-flavoured chemicals — cheesy snacks of some sort) so maybe I’ll scratch that off my list.

I know it’s kind of a “Yay, me!” post.  It’s my blog and I’ll howl if I want to.  If it makes you feel any better, there’s a great chance I’ll screw something up.  Then there will be pointing and laughing aplenty.

So, that leaves music.  I neither sing nor write music but I do enjoy listening to it.  Bonus to that, sometimes music is fuel.  There are a few people I won’t admit that to, face-to-face, because there was this long-standing argument about what was the greatest or most important medium in the modern age and I did not side with music.  I can hear my musician friends hissing at me as they read this.  But, before you string up a noose, let me say this: I may — may — have recanted.  I’m not saying I have, for fear those other friends may read this, print it out, and thrust in my face but I am saying it is possible.  Fence firmly straddled.

In any event, to help me through the week, I’m just going to put these songs up because they might as well be part of my body.  They each represent some good point of my life and I could use the positivity to maybe — just maybe — get through the week without stumbling.

Perhaps even, for just as long as it takes, be full of grace.

I’ve posted this next song before and, sure, it gets played a lot but frankly, my dear Scarlett, I don’t give a damn.  Kicking back and listening to this is the closest I’ll ever come to feeling invincible.  Once again, thank you to the pasty Chicagoan nicknamed King Bigga who, in a boarding school hostel atop a strange little hill in Jamaica, taught me the ways of The Jimi.

No real preamble.  This is just a bull’s eye to my brain.

There’s a fearlessness which comes along with recklessness.  These days I’m trying to learn to harness the former without needing the latter.

Before I hung up my party-hearty hat, I heard this song at a late-night, post-pub poker game where I was threatened by a drunken Irishman.  It was at the end of snowstorm which left the city with 5-foot snow banks.  And then one of the hosts cooked up a giant batch of what I’m just going to call dead animal soaked in cholesterol.  Then my bud, Mister Serious and I, took a cab out of there.  We probably drank some more after that.  Lost my gloves though.  They were nice gloves.

But, hey, at least I got acquainted with one the most rapid-fire rappers in existence, Tech N9ne.  He’s also kinda weird.  So, naturally, I think he’s awesome.

Finally — and a total direction change — from the days when Disney strove for sheer wonderment instead of the watered-down, sanitized salt-free butter on a paper plate:

Of course, this harkens back to childhood watching those old Disney weekend shows but I’ve also come to appreciate this version, too.  And, no, it ain’t the religiosity of this.  It’s the mythic grandeur which leapt directly from the screen and burrowed into my brain, there to coil around my consciousness and force me to fixate on storytelling.  For the rest of my years, I was doomed to desire the ability to evoke the same level of wonder and emotion from the written word as was achieved by this combination of animation and symphony.

Or, as is said at the end of Bridge on the River Kwai: “Madness! Madness!”

– – – – –

BONUS TRACK:  Life ain’t nuthin’ without a good laugh.  If you can’t smile at what life’s gonna throw your way then you’re in for a joyless journey, my friend.  And speaking of friends…


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One thought on “Tuesday’s Child: A 5-Pack Musical Battery

  1. Ah, thank you Angelo for sharing….your taste in music is quite varied I must say. Wow! Biz Markie! If that isn’t a blast from the past! Oh how fondly I recall my college days! Not a selection here I don’t like. That scares me a little…

    Posted by Karma Heckard | September 9, 2011, 10:30 pm

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