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NFL – Scandalous Again

I am so happy it’s (American) football season.  It’s time for gridirons, group tackles, and groovin’ in the endzone.  However, it’s also time for men behaving badly.  And, robots.  Yes … robots.

– – – – –

The folks over at The Key of Awesome now bring you a special report about the latest scandal involving Cleatus the Official FOX NFL Robot.  It’s saddening, really.  He had such a promising career before he got hooked on Mobil 1 Motor Oil.

The real question we should be asking is how this all affects 39-1-12-C and why does she continue to stay with him?  Also, where do I get that T-shirt cannon?

– – – – –

You can reach the Key of Awesome on Twitter, too (@MarkDouglas73) or, of course, on the YouTube thing (which is surely a fad that won’t last more than a year or two).


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