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Lindi Ortega / Burton Cummings @ Massey Hall

Lindi Ortega, who continues her rightful rise in the music industry, took another opening gig.  This time it’s for Burton Cummings and it’s at Toronto’s famed Massey Hall.  

– – – – –

I ain’t got much more to say about this than “That’s frickin’ awesome!”


Honestly, maybe the lead singer from The Guess Who doesn’t particularly excite you (which makes me wonder about you) but The Guess Who, best known for their smash American Woman, are a bona fide Canadiana giant.  And this is Massey Hall!  And it’s the Canada’s Walk of Fame Festival!  And the opening act is surefire future Walk of Famer Lindi frickin’ Ortega.  And just put yourself in her shoes — well, red boots, actually — and you’ll realize that this is a big deal.

And it’s yet another reason to be proud of her.  And jealous of her accomplishments within her field of passion.  But mostly proud.

For tickets, start at the official Massey Hall website or go directly to the Event Page.  You can find Lindi all over the interwebz but lindiortega.com is a good place to start.  Score some brownie points for me and tell her I sent ya.

– – – – –

EDIT: Thanks to Lindi’s camp for providing a link to La Tempestua Bonita’s live appearance on CBC Radio’s Q show.  She chatted for a bit and performed All My Friends.


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One thought on “Lindi Ortega / Burton Cummings @ Massey Hall

  1. I like her..brownie points, huh?? Will do…;)

    Posted by Karma Heckard | September 28, 2011, 6:04 pm

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