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Flashpoint Tuesday: The Cost of Doing Business

Well, it’s Flashpoint Tuesday and I have nothing new to offer.  No behind-the-scenes peak at the episode.  No pre-showing write-up.  Not even any new artwork.  However, I do have this…

– – – – –

…a giant ball of yarn.


Recently, I’ve been asked why I’m not doing those lengthy Flashpoint write-ups I did over the summer.  Well, the answer is this: time does not bend to my will.  I’ve launched a formal protest (by sending a letter to the Time Lords, addressed “wherever, whenever, Foreverland”) but I’ve yet to receive any reply.

The obvious part of that is I haven’t had the time to sit down and do copious amounts of professional research (read as: surf the interwebz) to gather up information on each show’s guest stars and production team/crew.  Apparently, there is this thing about life which involves paying bills and maintaining a relationship with the outside world.

(I’ve launched a formal protest about those things, too.  No reply on that, either.)


The other part is that, for a while, I was in the position of having seen many of the episodes (as we all did in Canada on CTV) before they aired in the US (which, back then, was on CBS).  So, really, I had an angle to cover with most of those episodes before I wrote a single word down.

Nonetheless, I do continue to enjoy a lovely and generous relationship with my confidential informants on the show and, bonus to all that, the show is still good despite the departure of Michael Cram, aka Wordy.  There’s nothing smarmy in that statement, except a dig at those who Chicken Little’d the departure as the end of the Flashpoint World as we know it.  Since then, however, R.E.M. did break up.  Michael Cram leaves Flashpoint, Michael Stipe disbands R.E.M. soon after.

Coincidence?  I think not.  Remember, Michael Cram’s character’s last name was Wordsworth, as in the famous poet.  And Michael Stipe once reputedly read a poem.  I rest my case.

Anyway, as more Canadian series fall by the wayside, Flashpoint continues going strong.  CBS decided it didn’t want the show in its Fall lineup, which isn’t a great shock because they have fancy new shows with famous Americans to tout.  However, an upstart network call ION Television was happy to snap it up and it’s not their first first.  As in the first show where they have first run rights (along with syndication of prior episodes).  And, on October 18th, new episodes of Flashpoint return to the U.S. of hot-damn A.  That’s two weeks from today and, by then, Hank Williams Jr. should be out of the news cycle.

See? I even made fancy pictures for the occurrence.

What this also means is that, since CTV continued showing new Flashpoint episodes up here in Canadialand (along with syndicating old episodes on Bravo!), I will once again be in a position to comment and otherwise pontificate upon these episodes with malice aforethought.  At least for a little while.


As well, I still have a recounting of my experiences at this year’s Gemini Awards Show and the lovely set visit the morning after — both of which included the company of Mary “Sarge” Drury.  These are works in progress and, though they are largely complete, I’ve been holding out on them in lieu of the looming October 18th premiere of Flashpoint on ION Television (for the Gemini bitties) and the broadcast of Season 4’s final episode (for the set visit).

Despite all this, I am still an Agent of Tease and can offer you this:

I actually got to shake hands with the aforementioned Michael Cram (though he spilled no secrets about his plan to eventually break up R.E.M.), Russell Peters tried to steal my date (well, not really, but still…), breakfast cereal dispensers are very important to some people, and Hugh Dillon is a colorful, colorful man.  And this time, he was kind enough to not chase me off the set.

For now, though, I have restaurants to brand, logos to design, websites to build, clients to chase, clients to meet, and projects to complete (one of them which may be of great interest to Flashpoint fans) because this arty-farty laissez-faire lifestyle can only take me so far.  Sure, putting more time into actual work takes time away from hobbies and obsessions but real life is annoyingly persistent and, after all, loss of free time is the cost of doing business.

(Oh, come on, like you didn’t see that coming like an M. Night Shyamalan twist.)

PS: I, in fact, do not have a giant ball of yarn.  Although I do have some experience with yarn in general.

– – – – –

Tonight’s new episode of Flashpoint, The Cost of Doing Business, appears on CTV at 8 PM.  Angelo Barovier appears nightly on his bathroom mirror, so long as he remembers to brush his teeth before bed. If you’d like to keep up with all things Flashpoint across all networks, join the fan community on the producer-run Facebook page facebook.com/FPTOne.  R.E.M. will no longer appear in concerts but, I’m told, their lyrics may soon end up on strands of DNA.  I’m actually not kidding about that part.)


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3 thoughts on “Flashpoint Tuesday: The Cost of Doing Business

  1. Agent of Tease..very fitting for you Angelo. ;) Looking forward of things to come!

    Posted by Karma Heckard | October 4, 2011, 5:54 pm
  2. Or, should I say drat?

    Posted by Karma Heckard | October 5, 2011, 12:57 pm

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