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Music Monday: Denny Schneidemesser

In a decidedly different vein, I’d like to introduce you to the music Denny Schneidemesser.  If you’ve spent enough time on the interwebz watching things like amateur YouTube films, you’ve probably heard his work before.

A while back, I got into trying out the Garage Band music mixing program.  In putting together what amounts to enhanced audiobook chapters, I started looking for free music that would allow me to arrange my own movie score.

During that search, I found Denny Schneidemesser and used his music in some of the pieces.  Afterwards, I noticed I wasn’t the only person who had coma across his free works and incorporated them into their projects.  I even have some of his pieces in my iTunes and listen to them for the sake of listening to them or, more frequently, in my orchestral background music playlist which I use for working.

That aforementioned Work Playlist is best used for writing because it’s hard for me to write when there are catchy lyrics being played.  So, thanks, Denny, for helping me out in that respect.

In checking up on his site today http://www.dennyschneidemesser.com, it’s apparent he’s parleyed his passion into actual paid work.  Hopefully, he can further his career and one day, when I’m watching a movie and his name pops up as composer, I can smile with the knowledge that I knew who he was before he went to the big leagues.

Here are two pieces of his music.  First an uplifting piece, Magnificent Journey, which indeed builds magnificently.  For someone sitting at home using software as his orchestra, I think it’s pretty splendid.

– – –

And Entering The Stronghold is an action-y piece, which I think is one of the first ones I came across.  My first thought was, of course, geekish in nature.  I instantly wished I had had his music at my disposal when I was running D&D campaigns.  Music was a favourite tool I wanted to explore more back then but the drawback of using movie soundtracks is that people recognize them and the desired effect of immersing them in the moment is entirely destroyed by that recognition.  Having a relative unknown would have been perfect.

– – –

Nothing like a brisk piece of orchestral music to get the juices flowing.  Do you have any hidden orchestral treasures?  And no, One Winged Angel from Final Fantasy doesn’t count, Adam.


I found a preview of the video game he’s been working on.  He also has his own YouTube channel, danman87, if you’d like to hear more of his work with links for downloading.


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