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Music Monday: Quinticle

Feelin’ a bit askew these days. Lots of things on the go. Frankly, I’m tired of being in Photoshop and I felt like monkey-smacking the keyboard and making words’n’stuff. So, here are five tracks that are, collectively, genre-free and also not made by an Adobe product.

THePETEBOX, Panther Dance: The first is, as far as I’m concerned, the single best loop artist in the world. His name is THePETEBOX and ever since his singularly great cover of Where Is My Mind? (which The Pixies put on their site), he’s been putting out live-performed looping master classes. He is the Gary Oldman of looping.

– – – – –

INXS, Mystify: Next up is from an album which was perfect when it was released and continues to endure — even though it was stolen from me three times, twice as a cassette tape and once as a CD. You kids might have to Google those terms in between visits to the iTunes store. Anyway, the whole album (Kick) is filled with awesome including the eternally enduring Never Tear Us Apart but I’m going with one of the slightly lesser known tracks. It’s pop rock with lyrics which might have been written by E.E. Cummings but there’s no denying that we know exactly what it is like to be mystified by some silken moment that goes on forever.

– – – – –

T.Orlando, Pizzicato: Speaking of lesser known tracks, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know this young man from Slovenia and the wider cadre at Flavorite Music, including his partner-in-crime, Lori J. Ward. They’re the kind of people I once demeaned as nothing more than fake musicians with computer programs that make crappy Nintendo music. I’ve learned differently since then but T.Orlando may be a musical genius — like for realsies. Anyway, he has a swath of house music tracks on his SoundCloud page and a whole bundle of other things going on but this joyous little tune refuses to leave my brain.

It does take about 3 minutes to get to the good part. I imagine the first 3 minutes are great for mixing tracks during a set and all that good DJ stuff. Everything past the 3-minute mark, though, is just righteous and savory.

– – – – –

Tia Brazda, Cabin Fever: And going straight from acid-jazz/house/fusion/whatever-the-happy heck Pizzicato is, let’s shimmy over to swing/jazz/big-band/whatever-the-happy-heck this track by Tia Brazda is. Coincidentally, Li’l Miss Brazda, another acquaintance of mine, is a regular feature at the Cadillac Lounge and T.Orlando and Lori J. Ward live just down the street from there. Perhaps one day, through nefarious machinations, I’ll get them all together and have them concoct something weirdly wonderful.

– – – – –

Roberta Flack, Killing Me Softly: Last but certainly not least, Tia’s throwback leads me farther down the path to days long before all of the above. This is, if you can believe it, a rejected tune for a project of mine. Of course, the only reason we didn’t use it is because we can’t — it is too costly to license. So, it’s just vanity to say we rejected Roberta Flack. I mean, seriously, what kind of idiot rejects Roberta Flack? And, to heck with your 4G moth-beacon phone, this is the kind of music for which you hold up a lighter.

– – – – –

I hope you had a Happy (and Safe) St. Patrick’s Day and, as they Irish say: Don’t feed a pig too many oranges if you want him to dance the jig on a Saturday. Well, I’m not entirely sure that’s really an Irish phrase but an Irish woman told it to me. Actually, she wasn’t Irish but her name was McAllister. Wait, come to think of it, her name was Allison and she was from the Bahamas but she was wearing green. I think.

In fact, I’m not sure that’s what she said at all. The bar was very noisy and my memory gets a bit fuzzy about everything that happened after midnight. I think she might have actually said, “I have a boyfriend and he’s coming this way to kick your ass.” Yes, that’s right! I remember, now…

…which finally explains the black eye.


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