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Music Monday: DubWars: First Strike

The following video is not safe for work.  The following video is not for the faint of heart.  The following video is not for the puritans.  The following video is not for those susceptible to epileptic conditions…

– – – – –

The following 15-minute video is for people who enjoy fending off aliens, zombies, and killer robots.  It is for genre junkies, dragon slayers, ghost hunters, mech warriors, katana wielders, face stompers, and fighter jockeys.  It for the rapid firing, dual-fisted, swath cutting, danger dancing, fury-hearted, bullet dodging, beast vanquishing, and BAMF, wannabe-ass-kickers.

As Wired magazine reported, this obsessive movie junkie, Khameleon808 (aka Josh Prescott), cut together several (mostly) dubstep tracks and then spliced over 1,000 sci-fi, horror, action, and other movies in 50,000 clips to create the mother of all eye-sex videos which is intentionally rated R for really, really visceral violence, profanity, and a heavy dollop of titillation.  Oh, and Jack goddamn Burton.

As I said on Facebook, this viddy would get the seal of approval from the Marquis de Sade, provided he let the restrained sexuality slide.  Mind you, most of the restraining is done by spandex and leather but, y’know, the Marquis was a bit of a stickler.

If you’ve read this far without jumping to the video, I’m impressed.

– – – – –

NB: Prescott acknowledges that purists will scoff at the non-dubstep in DubWars.  He had difficulty with YouTube’s AP sniffers and had to substitute tracks which resulted in using some songs that the nose-tilts would decry.  The only thing worse than a movie snob is a music snob.  They are the bedbugs of snobbery.

While I do appreciate the dark and violent artistry of this video, I’m still firmly behind Gen I as the best raw editing talent operating on YouTube.  Mind you, if those two ever got together and did a piece of work (or started a YouTube channel), then look out world!  Honourable mentions include pop music mash-up master DJ Earworm and the transformative BuffyverseTrailers.  And I know this Music Monday is more about the movies than about the music.  That’s why…


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