Booster Juice and Easter Seals: Do Some Good

Mmm, long weekend. Lots of time to do some good. Mostly, we’re lazy about that stuff so what better way to make sure it gets done than combining generosity with something pleasurable?

– – – – –

Sure, Good is supposed to be its own reward but, regardless of truth of the notion, how could you turn down Good + Yummy?  According to my math, you simply don’t.  Please note, I’m not being compensated in any way for posting this — except for the part where some people who make yummy-in-a-slurpy-cup may think I’m swell.  Plus, being on the “Isn’t” side of the “A Jerk” Line is something I generally prefer.

Side note: The Mendoza Line and I, however, are not friends.  Occasionally, there is scowling.

Anyway, this marks the twelfth year of the Paper Egg campaign for Easter Seals.  It’s a win-win/win-win situation for the vendors (yay for sales and stuff!) and the charitable group (yay for donations!) and the kids (yay for being a kid!) and for you (yay for yummy Booster Juice!) (And also for you being a swell person who may even be forgiven for that one time you cut off a sweet old lady in traffic) (although that’s still a debate because, really, that was someone’s Grandma) (but it’s still a step in the right direction).  Boy, that’s a lot of parentheses…

Booster Juice stores are popping up all over the place and there should be one near you.  The campaign’s last day is Sunday so, at some point this long weekend, slurp some yumminess and help some kids.  From my point of view, generosity is pretty cool.

(random parentheses!)

– – – – –

For more information, please visit EasterSeals.ca, .com, or .org, or get just get your Google on.

Legal Notice: Angelo Barovier is not neither a spokesperson for Booster Juice nor for Easter Seals.  He was turned down for the role by both organizations who cited his inability to sing.  A lawsuit for defamation is pending even though both organizations deny any of this actually happened.  Both Booster Juice and Easter Seals have also remained suspiciously tight-lipped regarding the truth of their assessments of Mr. Barovier’s vocal prowess.  Mr. Barovier’s lawyer is confident the rulings will ultimately result in his favour.  Mr. Barovier will be representing himself in court.


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