This is effectively a short work week with full workload. Blogging falls short of the priority list. So, I’m reblogging someone else who is, strictly speaking, a competitor. I care not, though, because I might as well have written this post myself.

Transition Marketing Services


We have mentioned before that the rapid increase in the use of Social Media as a marketing tool has resulted in more and more companies contracting “Social Media Specialists”. This title infers someone who possesses a specialized skill set perfect for utilizing the tools found in Social Media. That does not always mean that this is what you are getting.

Two trends have emerged for companies looking to hire someone in the know for their blog, Twitter or Facebook profiles. The first trend we see are companies hiring a self-proclaimed specialist who can set you up with a Facebook profile, but knows nothing about consistent branding. This can be easily avoided with just a few simple questions.

  1. 1. Ask them about their strategy, if it consists of little more than a profile setup this may set off alarms. A proper Social Media specialist should…

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