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Music Monday: Nerd Heaven

In which I gamely grasp at an internet icon’s coattails not specifically in order to cheaply manufacture hits for my blog but not entirely hating the idea either.

This is what Peter Gabriel was singing about.

– – – – –

This week’s entry in the mostly, kinda, sorta weekly Music Monday series is just too full of enjoyably nerdy things to resist.  Plus, it actually seemed to neatly cover just about everything creative in which my life is swirling right now so, y’know, it’s also kind of creepy.  I was sitting around in a state of post-pasta euphoria and thinking about how I’ve ended up in a forest of creative multimedia pursuits.  The answer and plan of action to which I arrived sounded vaguely like some weird layered audio track of “I don’t know” and “Just do it.”

So, after this underwhelming epiphany, I did what any creative person would do in a moment of deep, personal reflection.  I logged onto Facebook.

And there I saw Felicia Day’s perennially (probably)-non-drug-induced peppy face and the latest episode of her new web show thingie.  In this episode, there are connections to stuff I adore across film, television, books, and music.  Heck, there’s even a nod to not only film but also film production.  Who’s idea was that?  And why is it so massively creepy?  Look, large batches of coincidence often inspire people to see or seek some deeper meaning to their existence but, me, I tend to feel a little creeped out by it.  Perhaps it has something to do with what I’m currently writing but, still, creepy!

Anyway, on with the show, vlog, flog … whatever.

I still haven’t figured out what the creepy monkey’s correlation is in all this but I’ve decided it’s best to stop wondering about it.  That way lies madness.  Plus, I’ve had a lot of sugar today.

– – – – –

My apologies to Civil Wars and Leonard Cohen.  Since next week is Flave Week, you’re getting bumped until mid-May provided, of course, that I don’t find something else with which to Matt Damon you fine folks. 

Creepy monkey photo stolen from


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2 thoughts on “Music Monday: Nerd Heaven

  1. hmmm… too bad you AND she are so low energy… maybe more coffee… …

    Posted by jaye Cherry | April 23, 2012, 4:58 pm

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