The Dark Knight Rises Inclement Posters

As the billion dollar movie trend continues with The Avengers, we get some dramatic images of The Dark Knight Rises. This third and last Christopher Nolan film has high expectations. Will it deliver?

– – – – –

Apparently it is raining in Gotham City.  According to the happy fandom of this Christopher Nolan trilogy, it’s raining awesome.  Will The Dark Knight Rises be the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade of the trilogy?  Or will it be more like Return of the Jedi, which never lived up to the bar set by The Empire Strikes Back?  Will Leonardo DiCaprio make a cameo in this Inception reunion?

I’m not sure but I do know that it’s a good thing these people prefer waterproof clothing because the weather forecast is pretty gloomy.

Say what you want about Anne Hathaway, I think she’ll be brilliant in this. And, on the plus side, I’m pretty sure she’ll do better than Halle Berry. Of course, that’s like saying Samuel L. Jackson did better than David Hasselhoff (as Nick Fury) but there it is.

– – – – –


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