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Music Monday: North American Independence Special

Actually, this really has nothing to do with either Independence Day in the United States or Canada Day in … I forget which country that is. The real theme of this #MM is quirky artists and songs. So, get your inner Zooey Deschanel in gear and enjoy. Advertisements

Flashpoint: Exeunt

Crossing fandom lines here to give a special message to those who have left the set of Flashpoint for the last time, as principle production wrapped tonight for the last time.

The Dark Knight Rises Inclement Posters

As the billion dollar movie trend continues with The Avengers, we get some dramatic images of The Dark Knight Rises. This third and last Christopher Nolan film has high expectations. Will it deliver?

5 Awesome Geeky Videos

Well, back to work.  Staycation is over.  However, here are the top five geeky videos OF ALL TIME!  Well, actually, just for today … and really, for 4PM.  And only from my point of view.  Other than that, though, these are the top five geeky videos OF ALL TIME!

The Total Varnished Untruth About Flashpoint

On May 1, 2012, to the broken hearts (and some angry fists) of fans, it was announced that Flashpoint’s upcoming 5th season would be the last tour of duty for the SRU.  Here, I will expose many well-kept secrets…

Music Monday: Nerd Heaven

In which I gamely grasp at an internet icon’s coattails not specifically in order to cheaply manufacture hits for my blog but not entirely hating the idea either.

Music Monday: Princess Mononoke Suite

When some people hear the word anime, they think only of robots, ninjas, and girls with giant eyes, or Pokemon. Clearly such people are woefully unaware of genius anime – like that of Hayao Miyazaki.

Flashpoint, The Hard 10K: A Case Study

Recently, the Facebook Page of “Flashpoint Team One” surpassed the 10,000th-Like milestone.  This 10K, while seemingly a small amount in the numbers game, is exceedingly valuable.

Music Monday: JUNO Week, Tragically Not Hip

Last night’s ceremony marked the end of this year’s JUNO Awards, Canada’s apogee of annual music industry trophy-giving.  It was a night to remember but not for all the right things.

Music Monday: JUNO-bound Lindi Ortega

…there’s a second helping of Music Monday.  Up here in Canadialand, we have our own Grammy-type thing.  They are called the JUNO Awards.  And this year, they took my advice and turned their ears toward Lindi Ortega.

Music Monday: DubWars: First Strike

The following video is not safe for work.  The following video is not for the faint of heart.  The following video is not for the puritans.  The following video is not for those susceptible to epileptic conditions…

The Culprit