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Flashpoint: Exeunt

Crossing fandom lines here to give a special message to those who have left the set of Flashpoint for the last time, as principle production wrapped tonight for the last time. Advertisements

The Total Varnished Untruth About Flashpoint

On May 1, 2012, to the broken hearts (and some angry fists) of fans, it was announced that Flashpoint’s upcoming 5th season would be the last tour of duty for the SRU.  Here, I will expose many well-kept secrets…

Flashpoint, The Hard 10K: A Case Study

Recently, the Facebook Page of “Flashpoint Team One” surpassed the 10,000th-Like milestone.  This 10K, while seemingly a small amount in the numbers game, is exceedingly valuable.

Flashpoint Tuesday: Wild Card (and how Raf got into Season 1)

Well, it’s another Tuesday and, for now, another new Flashpoint episode on CTV.  This one is called Wild Card and, as it turns out, there’s some shuffling going on.

Flashpoint Tuesday: The Cost of Doing Business

Well, it’s Flashpoint Tuesday and I have nothing new to offer.  No behind-the-scenes peak at the episode.  No pre-showing write-up.  Not even any new artwork.  However, I do have this…

Attention Shoppers (and Flashpoint Fans):

I put up some stills from that seminal episode from the first season.  You can find them on the 1920×1280 Season 1 Wallpaper page.  The CIR is also up, too, along with a few more updates on other Flashpoint pages.  Enjoy!

Flashpoint Wallpaper: ION Television Promos

Flashpoint will be moving to ION Television in the U.S. soon.  ION will not only be showing the rest of Season 4, they will also be airing all the previous seasons as well.

Flashpoint Friday: Gemini Awards Winners (Round 1)

Congratulations to my Flashpoint peeps for their wins at the Industry Gala of the Gemini Awards.  The Broadcast Gala airs on CBC on September 7th.  I hope to announce more winners then!

Flashpoint: ‘Behind the Blue Line’ and ‘Clean Hands’ Graphic Novelization

What started as an experiment over at the Flashpoint Team One Facebook Page has now become an honest-to-goodness ‘project’. Karla Subero’s graphic novel treatment of Clean Hands is complete, and can be found below. She is currently embarking on her second project, which is an adaptation on Behind the Blue Line.

The Long Arm of The Law (You Can Run…)

In the Flashpoint episode, Through A Glass Darkly, the villain tries to make his getaway by speeding off in a pick-up truck.  If he should get clear, the kidnapped girl will surely die.  Ed and Wordy can’t let that happen…

Flashpoint: Behind-the-Scenes, Part Four

Part Four.  End of the road, Jack.  My day at the Flashpoint headquarters draws to a close but not without one more encounter with Constable Ed Lane…

The Culprit