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Crazy Time

So, what’s really going on around here? Advertisements

Music Monday: Nerd Heaven

In which I gamely grasp at an internet icon’s coattails not specifically in order to cheaply manufacture hits for my blog but not entirely hating the idea either.

2011: Screw It

At the end of most years we look forward to something better in the year to follow.  As the calendars roll over from 2011 to 2012 on this New Year’s Eve, I think about and am thankful for the year gone by.

Absentee Landlord

Hello, my blog. I miss you. There’s so much I want to tell you. Be back soon. Take care.

Music Monday: AWOLNATION, Sail

Hey, I don’t just like music with untreated vocals.  I like stuff with heavy production, too.  At least, when it’s not just layered with production in order to cover up the suck.  AWOLNATION ain’t got no suck.  Although I do.

Music Monday: War/Lowrider Band, Jedi Masters of Funk

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians.  And, man, what a year of thanks to give!  Anyway, today’s selection is a classic from a little band called War.

20K NNN 10-8-11

By the time the weekend is over, prolly today even, I’ll be at 20,000 views.  For a meandering blog by nuthin’ nobody nowhere — in six months — that ain’t half bad.  I could probably inflate those numbers by posting solely on trendy/trashy topics or just some random porn but, y’know, morals and stuff get … Continue reading

Flashpoint Tuesday: The Cost of Doing Business

Well, it’s Flashpoint Tuesday and I have nothing new to offer.  No behind-the-scenes peak at the episode.  No pre-showing write-up.  Not even any new artwork.  However, I do have this…

Tuesday’s Child: A 5-Pack Musical Battery

Oh, what a week!  Can’t really remember the last time I had a week like this planned.  So, this week’s music post is just a wading pool of energy for me to charge myself in.

To: Tricky Fan in British Columbia

Dear Tricky Fan in British Columbia, You’re getting married today.

Music Monday: Life Ain’t So Shitty

Apologies to the profanity-sensitive but I firmly believe in two things: A general sense of decorum and the appropriate application of profanity.  See: The King’s Speech for an example of these.

The Culprit