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Earth Attacks!

NASA has landed on the surface of Mars with a robot which tweets in first person. U.S. President Obama declares victory for America, and Twitter ‘explodes’. The intergalactic space war has begun… Advertisements

Music (and Photography) Tuesdays: 500 People in 100 Seconds

Okay, this isn’t really a Music Monday. A – It’s not Monday. And, 2 – It’s not really about the music.  However, it’s still pretty darn cool (as evidenced by the number of people wearing shades).

Stephen Colbert: It’s Not Really A Lie…

…it’s just good journalism.  A gently-delivered yet nonetheless scathing rebuke.  Stephen Colbert at his best.

Honourable Mention: Frankly My Dear…

Got me a shout-out from Molly Jo over at her blog (Frankly My Dear…).  Always nice to get a genuine pat on the back to know you’re making someone happy.

Lindi Ortega Album Release Party Pix (by Stanley Chan)

If you couldn’t make it to Lindi Ortega‘s album release party (Little Red Boots, available now at the usual major retailers) at The Dakota Tavern or couldn’t make it inside, then never fear for @stanthemanchan, Lindi’s brotha-from-anotha-mutha, has got you covered with some smokin’ hawt pics.

The Art of James Hance – Muppets and Jedi and Firely, Oh My!

Did you ever wonder what would happen if all of scifi/fantasy/geek culture originated in The Muppetverse? I mean, really, what sane person hasn’t? (Don’t answer that) Or, if Oz crossed-over with Marvel Comics?

Inside The Mystery Box of J.J. Abrams

This is such a wonderful article in the New York Times which explores not only the magic shop of Bad Robot but also the whizbang legerdemain of an exciting filmmaker on the cusp of releasing his most personal work to-date, Super 8.

Marianne Faithfull, Sister Morphine

If you don’t know who Marianne Faithfull is, then you’re not a Rolling Stones fan.  You should probably find out who she is, though, just in case you bump into a Stones fan, a fashionista, a 60’s or 70’s aficionado, a cinephile, or someone who knows the history of cool.

I Support Prostitution

At least, the prostitution described in this post by Amber Benson (author and actress, also known as wiccan Tara Maclay from Buffy the Vampire Slayer).  Make with the clicky.

Harley Quinn: The Gift Who Keeps on Giving

This is from the fellow who gave us the currently hot X-Muppets.  I loved that bit but, Harley Quinn has been and probably will be my most cherished comic book girl (booting my old paramour Elektra with a “Wheee-ya!”).

5 Free Clever Web Things

People are making interesting things all the time.  Naturally, if they’re not made by a big company with lots of advertising dollars, you might never hear about them.  However, you’ve got a super nerdy friend to dig them up for you.  Here are five clever uses for the internet:

The Culprit