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Earth Attacks!

NASA has landed on the surface of Mars with a robot which tweets in first person. U.S. President Obama declares victory for America, and Twitter ‘explodes’. The intergalactic space war has begun… Advertisements

Social Media: Stop Using Personal Pages for Brands

Are you an aspiring entertainer or a founder of a small business? Well, it’s a crippling choice to use your personal Facebook page as your public relations destination. Stop doing it, right now!

Social Media: Consolidating vs Fracturing Your Audience

Recently, I have had a few people ask a similar question: Does having multiple social media sites consolidate or fracture the potential fan/follower/audience base?  The answer is simple: It is entirely up to you.

Qwikster: No Such Thing As A Sure Thing

One year ago, Netflix was being heralded as the forerunner of the ongoing transition of media ingestion from traditional media to online media.  Today, Netflix, it’s offspring Qwikster, and their CEO are eating humble pie.

Exabyte – The Tragic Molestation of Terminology

As we advance our computing power and (more specifically) mini-maximization of storage capacity, the naming conventions march along.  If you thought the graduation of million/billion/trillion was bad, the Byte family is the dorkiest of them all.

What’s In A Name? Sometimes Everything!

They didn’t call it facile, they called it difficile.  Spore-forming bacteria are like the Jedi of the bacterial world.  Sure they can be defeated, but it is no small undertaking.

I Like To Play With Bacteria

Wherein guest contributor Adam Bernstein tells us that, with all apologies to Denis Leary, there is in fact a cure for cancer.  All we need to do is convince Deinococcus radiodurans to help us.  Now what the hell is Deinococcus radiodurans?

The Culprit