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IS YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA SPECIALIST QUALIFIED? How Qualified Is Your Social Media Specialist? We have mentioned before that the rapid increase in the use of Social Media as a marketing tool has resulted in more and more companies contracting “Social Media Specialists”. This title infers someone who possesses a…

Flashpoint, The Hard 10K: A Case Study

Recently, the Facebook Page of “Flashpoint Team One” surpassed the 10,000th-Like milestone.  This 10K, while seemingly a small amount in the numbers game, is exceedingly valuable.

Social Media: Stop Using Personal Pages for Brands

Are you an aspiring entertainer or a founder of a small business? Well, it’s a crippling choice to use your personal Facebook page as your public relations destination. Stop doing it, right now!

Qwikster: No Such Thing As A Sure Thing

One year ago, Netflix was being heralded as the forerunner of the ongoing transition of media ingestion from traditional media to online media.  Today, Netflix, it’s offspring Qwikster, and their CEO are eating humble pie.

Flashpoint Friday Surprise: Personal Effects

Are you excited for personal Effects, yet?  Well, maybe this will be of some small help.  The bad news: No write-up today.  The good news: I have fulfilled two long-standing requests but I did it in a way y’all didn’t expect.

AXR (or Another Extreme Redundency?)

AXR? What in the name all cute kittens in the world is AXR? I’m just keeping my arty neck above water with HTML5 and CSS3 and you punk nerds are trying to create yet another language?

Firefly Wallpapers (beta-2)

Just thought I’d get in a little more practice before Monday’s exciting new project.  So, for those Big Damn Heroes out there, here are two more Firefly pitchas (click to enlarge).  One all ready for a tussle and one all gussied up (with an almost uncomfortably alluring Jewel “Kaylee” Staite). Hope we’re shiny.

Seekrit Project 73

Anyone who knows me well enough knows I have an ongoing Skunk Works filled with creative projects.  Sometimes it slows down, sometimes it fills up, sometimes a project gets out of the door in record time, sometimes it takes years, and sometimes it dies of neglect. The sheer number of these projects coupled with the … Continue reading

Firefly Wallpapers (beta)

Fixin’ to do me a Firefly series o’ pictures pretty.  Just muckin’ about, for now, though. (Yes, they’re 2:1 for now. There is a reason.)

Read This Article If You Want To Continue Web Designing

No comments from me because these folks are much smarter than I am.  Heed their words or become obsolete.  Go.  Read.  Comprehend.  Learn.  Survive. Designing For The Future Web, by James Gardner at Smashing Magazine.

How To Connect WordPress with Twitter & Facebook

So, for those of you who are lazy like me, WordPress has a handy-dandy social media feature which makes life easier.  It saves you some time which means you can devote more of it to Angry Birds, housework, your children, or — gasp! — more writing.  It’s easy-peasy Japa–that’s prolly no longer politically correct. NB: … Continue reading

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