TV: Flashpoint

This is the final home for the graphics I’ve done for the television show Flashpoint, currently airing on CTV in Canada, Tuesdays at 8:00 PM and coming soon to ION in the US.  For more information on the show join, a group run by the show’s producers.

You can use the links below (↓) or the pulldown menu above (↑) to navigate the sections.

  • jump to >> WALLPAPER : SEASON 1 1920×1280
  • jump to >> WALLPAPER : SEASON 2 1920×1280
  • jump to >> WALLPAPER : SEASON 3 1920×1280
  • jump to >> WALLPAPER : SEASON 4 1920×1280
  • jump to >> WALLPAPER : CHARACTERS 1920×1280
  • jump to >> WALLPAPER : MOMENTS 1920×1280

If you want to know why I’ve spent time doing all these graphics, my DEAR FLASHPOINT post will explain.  Also, take into account that their fan relations folks are among the best I’ve come across.  Are there those who are just as engaged with their fans?  I’m sure there are but you have your experiences and I have mine.

I also have an original boxed set of the first two Terminator movies on VHS with a bonus materials third tape, and a hologram cover.  Suck on that, Wil Wheaton!

For shiggles, here’s a video to the most recent title sequence (Season 4).  No, it ain’t mine but I figured it helps to set the mood.



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