Flashpoint Movie Poster (JAM version)

This is a print quality fake movie poster I made in honour of the Season 4.  Note, I am using corporate logos without permission.  No infringement is intended.  It’s just me funnin’ around and is for strictly non-commercial use.  So please don’t sue me.  I can’t afford it. 

There are four versions, three of which are pictured here.

  • JPG (RGB) hi-res/200ppi
  • JPG (RGB) lo-res/72ppi
  • JPG (RGB) lo-res “thumbnail”

The fourth version, not pictured, is an EPS (CMYK) hi-res print version.  It is only available upon request.



2 thoughts on “Flashpoint Movie Poster (JAM version)

  1. Thanks so much for all the pictures that you do for Flashpoint. I have them on my phone, my desktop, and my screen savers. And my birthday’s next week and this poster is on my wish list for my family. You do great work.

    Posted by Dayla Young | November 13, 2011, 8:36 pm

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